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Description of Businesses & Clients

Here is a summary of many of the businesses and sites I have created, or just simply host.
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I work closely with Sarah of I Am Graphic. She is a great designer and photographer, and is taking the web by storm. Her credits grow all the time, and can be found at her site, or at MetroHost, my web site hosting and development company. Look under the link to "Our Work". Another friend and webmaster is Melissa, from the Bronx, of MentalGrafix fame.

I also sell CR2032 batteries and CR2016 batteries. This site is dedicatied to these two types of batteries, which dominate the market in lithium coin cell batteries. For these batteries the first two digits correspond to the diameter of the battery (20 millimeters for CR2032, for example). The second 2 digits correspond to the thickness of the battery (1.6 millimeters for CR2016, for example).

Infinite Lights sells many coin cell batteries, including CR2032 and CR2016. The smallest battery we sell is CR1220 (12 mm X 2.0 mm) and the largest coin cell battery is CR2450 (24 mm X 5.0 mm). While coin cell batteries come in many more sizes, these are the most common. All lithium coin cell batteries are 3.0 volts. This is a function of the chemistry. Physical size only determines the capacity.

Also sold here are rave lights and photon lights. There are two other sites that are dedicated to rave lights, and those are Rave Lights and Rav'n Rave Lights. These lights produce brilliant colors, and the best thing about them is the lifetime warranty. While other companies may make rave lights that are cheaper, these ones last. In order to take advantage of the lifetime warranty, just mail the light back to the manufacturer - no paperwork or receipts necessary. This is the only company that will do this. You can count on your rave light to last through think and thin.

Rechargeable batteries are very popular for CD players, mp3 players, and cameras. Many more appliances take a lot of power, and thus AA NiMH Batteries provides you with a great source of power. Nickel metal hydride is great because it provides a steady stream of power. Unlike regular alkaline batteries, or older rechargeable technologies, NiMH voltage does not tail off as the battery discharges.

Nukkles Massage is the best massage product you can buy. The best part about this product is that it works the best above the clothes. Nukkles does not require any applied pressure - just moves up, down, and around and the person you massage will feel chills. Nukkles is the best gift you can give someone for an occasion. Or, give nukkles for no reason at all. You will be thanked many times over.

Learn how to deal with twin children at babysecrets.

A great photographer is Richard of Scorpion Photo. He produces great images. In addition take a look at Les Byerley's gallery of models. Les takes photos of both men and women. Both of these photographers have a long history of publishing.

Probably one of the most extensive collection of bodybuilding photos on the net is John at BBPics. He also has many landscape images. While John primarily photographs male bodybuilders, he does have a collection of females too. Clients include Justinian Miller, who runs a gym on Long Island, and Dave Herber, who runs a personal training business in DC. Also, Anthony Catanzaro and Anthony Bevilacqua of Long Island.

Eric, from Manhattan too, and a one time Colgate student (Cornell grad) runs Intellikit, which promotes techniques with which children can learn to think critically.

Angela from Lexington is involved in the show horse business, with American Saddlebreads. Her business is On Pegasus, with her horses showcased on Spotlight Tonight. You can read more about American Saddlebreds.

Do you take target practice? If so Mark A Shot may be the product for you. This is a simple, yet ingenius product for marking targets. No more tape - Mark A Shot is simple, cheap, and brings target marking to the next level. This site is run by Cindi from Alabama, and the Mark A Shot is owned by Renny from California, who also own California Bingo Service, a full service bingo provider for California, of course!

One of the non-profits I host is Care Giver Credit, which seeks to lobby for laws in support of care givers across this country. This organization is also well known as Social Agenda.

Judy Collier from Louisiana wrote a book called Quit Kissing My Ashes, and that's the name of her site too. It's all about dealing with the death of a loved one, and then communicating with that loved one even after death.

I also have worked with Joel Rothschild and Henry Farnam. And real estate agent Michael Costa.

And then there is soccer for youth Leominster Youth Soccer which is based in Massachussetts.