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Lauron's Poems
~ Adam's Poems ~

1. His Love
2. Him

3. Untitled


He sits on his bed
And stares at the wall.
And wishes his name wasn't
"Dick Small".

He ties his shoes
With a nervous mind.
He has so many second thoughts,
Thoughts of all kind.

He loosens his tie
For as not to choke.
He needs her so badly.
This is no joke.

As he makes his way
Out the front door
He walks and he wonders
What he's doing this for.

Couldn't it be
Because it seems so right?
Or is this just a chance
To express all his might?

As he thinks to himself
He drives to her home.
He wants her, he wants her...
Just for his own.

But will she agree?
Will she say yes?
He's scared to death
And his heart pounds in his chest.

When he rings the bell
And she comes to the door,
He says, "I love you my dear."
Then he says it once more.

She stops and she stares
While her eyes fill with tears.
She's been dreading this moment
For so many years.

He takes a deep breath
And says, "All I can see...
Is together forever...
Just you and me."

The tears flow some more
But all she can say
Is, "Baby I love you too...
Just not in that way."

"But listen", he replies
As he gets on his knee.
"I want you for eternity
And I want you to marry me."

She shuts the screen door
And says, "I want you too...
But now's not a good time.
Sorry, NO-CAN-DO."

He kneels in confusion
And wonders what he did wrong
As an unfamiliar man appears and says
"Hi I'm Dick LONG."



When you know he's the one
Of all others under the sun,
Somehow you can see
How forever will be.

And when he looks into your eyes
As your heart rate flies,
You see the love that he shows
For all the time that he owes.

Your life will suddenly change.
It seems so out of range.
Could this be a good thing?
Or just be upsetting?

All the memories of before
When he'd just slam the door
Start coming back into your life.
They cut like a knife.

He hurt you forever
Your heart, you could not sever.
So why is he back again
Confessing his every sin?

Perhaps he really loves you
And he thinks you love him too.
But the three words can't be said.
It's a fantasy in your head.

So as he holds you so tight
And you use all your might,
You say, "Despite all your shit,
I love you a little bit."



What would you say
If I ran away?

And took your favorite jeans
Along just for me?

Or your most precious gun,
I think you'd just shun.

If I stole your best tie
You'd probably lie down and cry.

Or your golf clubs and cart.
It would break your little heart.

I could take your remote
Or your big, winter coat.

Your nice, leather jacket,
Then rip it and trash it!

Your wallet and money
Would be just fine honey.

I'd be all set for life
When I took your pocketknife.

I could use it to destroy
All the things of yours, boy.

So if you've not yet figured out,
I don't sit around and pout.

I get my revenge
With an ax or a syringe.

I don't put up with your bullshit
Because you're just not worth it.

I'm born again and new.
And I don't need you.